Leif Peepers

Dashing, handsome, rugged, philanthropist, raconteur.

These are words that do not describe Leif Peepers. A graduate of the school of "Anywhere But The Face," Leif found his calling early in life by entertaining bullies so he wouldn't be beat up. While dodging traffic one blustery day, Alexa Luthor stumbled upon him and employed him as her mouth piece. Leif is so proud to bring Neo-Burlesque to Vermont, so he can peep like a pro.

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Alexa Luthor

In a world stifled by clothing and social taboos, one woman shimmies in defiance of dowdy outfits and power suits. She is the original Burlesque Supervillian, the "Kryptonite to Clothing," Alexa Luthor. Plotting to take over the world one stocking at a time, she uses her superpowers of sensuality and temptation to mesmerize the minds of the public with a wink and a smile.

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