1) I want to do a variety act (non-burlesque)!

We are always accepting audition videos for variety acts (non-burlesque). Please email info@greenmountaincabaret.com with an audition video and a description of your act. If your act fits with our show, we will add you to a rotating variety roster and ask you to be part of a show from time to time. 

2) I want to be a burlesque dancer in the troupe!  

When Green Mountain Cabaret is looking for new members, there will be auditions for apprentices (aka. Stage Kats) announced on our Facebook page. All new burlesque members to the cabaret will start as apprentices on a trial period. This allows the troupe and current apprentices to evaluate if the new apprentice is a good fit for the group, and the new apprentice to evaluate if the group is right for him/her. An apprentice will only be promoted to troupe once they have shown improvement in their burlesque (if they have never had experience before) and dedication to the group above the minimum requested of them.

3) I am a burlesque dancer with previous performance experience and I want to guest perform!  

If you are an out of town burlesque dancer who has had previous burlesque performance experience, please email info@greenmountaincabaret.com with a video/videos of recent performances. Ginge O'Lolly will then correspond with you about guesting.

If you are a local burlesque dancer, please use our contact form to be added to our monthly idea submissions email list. Every month from the 1st-15th we open a act submission form for local dancers to propose ideas for numbers related to the next month's show. Acts that are more developed (costume/concept/music) are preferred. Videos of choreography (even partially complete) are also recommended but not required.

*If you would like to join the troupe, you will still be asked to audition the next time we are holding auditions and will start as a Stage Kat to determine if you are a good fit for our group as well as if the troupe is a good fit for you.

4) What is the difference between a burlesque apprentice and a burlesque troupe member with Green Mountain Cabaret? 

An apprentice (aka. Stage Kats) is a person who is either new to the group, new to burlesque, and/or is not quite ready to perform yet but hopes to get more comfortable with their body and do so in the future. An apprentice's job during shows is to act as a stage hand, picking up the clothing after dances and setting up props and mics as needed, all while getting to wear fun burlesque-style clothing. The goal for an apprentice is to make sure GMnC is the right fit for them and to eventually move up to troupe. If someone is never interested in performing burlesque, and only wants to be an apprentice, this position with GMnC is not the right one for them.  When comfortable, an apprentice will be asked to be stage tested in a group number or solo in a show to see if they are ready to move up in the troupe. When there is room in the troupe and they are determined to be ready, the owners will ask them if they would like to join the troupe as a dancer.

A troupe member (aka. a Sugar Shaker) is a burlesque dancer who performs regularly with the troupe in group numbers during the shows and also does their own costuming and choreography for solos.  They are requested to attend all rehearsals, and required to attend the ones for the show they are performing in.

*We do have guest spots available for those wishing to guest perform a burlesque number. See question 3 above.

5) Are only women allowed to do burlesque? 

No way! There are amazing burlesque dancers of all genders out there (including in our troupe)! Burlesque is an all-inclusive dance style- that's the best thing about it!

6) How do I learn burlesque? 

One of our Sugar Shakers, Doctor Vu, is teaching classes at the Flynn. Please contact us for more information!

7) What can I expect at a Green Mountain Cabaret show? 

Green Mountain Cabaret is a scintillating and thrilling experience that you will never forget! You can expect to see talented local variety acts, and amazing men and women of all sizes and shapes performing for you. Hooting and hollering are used as encouragement for all of our acts, but are never meant in a derogatory way. 

In fact, derogatory behavior such as throwing objects, touching dancers, or making rude comments are *not* tolerated. Our audience is extremely warm, inviting, and respectful. Green Mountain Cabaret is meant to be a fun and engaging experience for all involved. Also, photos are NOT permitted- we have a professional to do that- you can see photos on here and Facebook.

8) Can I book Green Mountain Cabaret for my event? 

Please contact us so we can discuss your event and how we might participate further!