Merrique Hysteric

She dances, she strips, she’s full of tricks and you never know what she’s got up her- sleeves! She’s the tease you’ll have to see to believe! She’s sharp as a knife and smoldering hot, with spellbinding moves to keep you at the edge of your seat!

Dancing for a decade and performing burlesque since 2012, Merrique is a choreographer, teacher and Green Mountain Cabaret “Sugar Shaker,” taking acts all across her home state and beyond. She’s competed in the Great Burlesque Expo in Cambridge, MA, danced in the Philadelphia Burlesque Festival, performed with Absinthe and Opium in Concord, NH, the Salon de l'Amour in Montreal and The Montreal Burlesque Festival. From classic, vintage and chic, to nerdy, gorelesque and freak, she dabbles in it all. She’ll entrance you with a wink and a smile, thrill, shock and titillate. So come closer, don’t blink and get ready to go mad for the “Berserker of Burlesque,” the one and the only Merrique Hysteric!

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