Peter "Lil' PP" Peepers

Separated from his family at birth Peter Peepers, often jovially referred to as “Lil P.P.”, settled with his mother in Miami, Florida. After a tragic yachting accident left him motherless his enterprising ways and gregarious demeanor led him to the “import and export business”. Being in the industry he was, Peter found himself traveling the country and using his roguish charm and quick wit to peddle his wares. On one such trip up north to Burlington, Vermont Peter was pulled over and found to be in possession of “exotic marital aids” Bengal Tiger extremities, shark fin powder, Justin Bieber shavings and many other things that are just downright illegal to possess. Luckily, this wouldn't be the first time Peter would have had to grease the wheels of justice and he cut a deal for a few years of community service. Low and behold when he arrived for his day he was accidentally reunited with his brother's Leif, Thom, and Spring Peepers and his sister in law Marsha Mallow-Peepers! Employing his family's uncanny gift of gab he is serving his time with the Green Mountain Cabaret and loving every minute of it! Come check out this smuggler of skin on stage!


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