Salsera Star

It was thousands of years ago that Salsera Star was born to Her Majesty, the beautiful and venerable North Star of the Evening Sky. Salsera was a lively child who eventually became restless with the sedentary lifestyle of starlight as she grew. Her mother, North, sent her to live with her distant cousins, the Unicorns of the Vermont Forest, who raised her steeped in unicorn tradition, lore, and magic. Growing into a wild half star/half unicorn, she again grew into restlessness, this time with the calm of unicorn life. As an adult she began to venture into the human world, walking freely as she pleased by wearing an elaborately clever human disguise. She frequented salsa dancing establishments, where she bewitched unsuspecting dance partners with her wake of unicorn glitter and star magic, which they surely felt but could not see. Her proclivity towards salsa dance and her tendency to entrance her partners eventually earned her the name we know her by today, Salsera. To this day Salsera continues to emerge from her home in the forest for visits to the human world and to her mother North's home in the galaxy, and she can be seen enchanting humans from burlesque stages across the land and sky!

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