Born to a farming family in Suffolk county, Long Island NY, little Susie was the last one anyone would think to put on stage. That didn't stop her from dreaming of "making it big in The City," and as soon as she was old enough to stick out her thumb on the side of the road she schlepped off to the Big Apple to become a star.

She changed her name from Susie Chikowski to Siouxsie Charisse and hit Broadway. Well, at least she tried. This girl next door had a hard time getting in to the spot light, and instead fell to performing numbers that would make her mother - and even the cows back home - blush to say the least. It didn't matter though, little Siouxsie had chutzpah and she ate it up. Every giggle, laugh, swoon, and clap was music to her ears. Who would have thought this little girl with the dirty knees could bring audiences to theirs with such cheeky delight. And don't get me started on that voice, oy vey!

Experience: A part-time devourer of the arts all her life, Siouxsie has been in numerous dance, theater, and singing ensembles. From high school chorus to working in Bill Reed's Theatrical Singing Intensive little Siouxsie has jumped at any opportunity to entertain.

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