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Green Mountain Cabaret Presents: A Foreign Affair

  • Club Metronome 188 Main Street Burlington, VT USA (map)

For Audience Eyes Only – From the classified GMnC files – Top Secret –

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, observe and report back on the activities of the Green Mountain Cabaret Sugar Shakers and their variety act compatriots. Our intelligence has indicated that internal secrets will be divulged by the ingenious performance of “The Tease.” Your contacts codenamed Leif and Marsha Mallow-Peepers will make contact using the phrase “who here has been to a Burlesque show before?” Your response must be an enthusiastic WOOOOO with an appropriate amount of clapping. If you are captured and/or made to divulge this mission, the Cabaret will disavow all knowledge of it. Blend in, hoot, holler, and take in the skills of the sultry Sugar Shakers. If you are called upon to participate, you have a license to Enjoy the View. Good luck on May 31st agent Audience. We are counting on you. This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds.

Vermont’s ORIGINAL Neo-Burlesque variety show, Green Mountain Cabaret is the brain-child of Chicago burlesque sensation, Vermont native, and “Kryptonite to Clothing,” Alexa Luthor and her partner in crime, the Verbose Voyeur: Leif Peepers. Alexa and the Sugar Shakers are bringing cabaret into the 21st century with Sass, Class, and Ass-Tronomically talented local performers. Glitz, Glamor, Guffaws, and more abound in this cabaret that reminds you how fantastically fun burlesque can be. Green Mountain Cabaret is guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart (and other areas). And remember, when you visit Green Mountain Cabaret, Enjoy the View!

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Later Event: June 22
Divas on Deck