Alexa Luthor

In a world stifled by clothing and social taboos, one woman shimmies in defiance of dowdy outfits and power suits. She is the original Burlesque Supervillian, the "Kryptonite to Clothing," Alexa Luthor. Plotting to take over the world one stocking at a time, she uses her superpowers of sensuality and temptation to mesmerize the minds of the public with a wink and a smile.

Experience: She took ballet for 19 years with Vermont Ballet Theatre School, and also dabbled in belly-dance and jazz before discovering burlesque at a bachelorette party. A 2011 graduate of Studio L'Amour in Chicago, IL, Alexa was a Coquette with Kiss Kiss Cabaret through May 2012 and featured in Gorilla Tango Burlesque's "Boobs of Khan" in October, 2011. She has performed in the Vermont Burlesque Festival, Alternatease, The Philadelphia Burlesque Festival, The Windy City Burlesque Festival, Montreal Burlesque Festival, and the Great Burlesque Expo. She recently did the Stripper's Holiday with Michelle L'Amour in 2016.  She founded Green Mountain Cabaret in 2012 and ran it until 2017. She teaches burlesque classes and workshops and enjoys performing around Vermont with various productions including Green Mountain Cabaret, Untapped!, and Viva Vermont Burlesque. She also performs as Keiran Khan, her male alter-ego.

In her spare time, she sews and alters clothing, indulges in British comedy, indulges in her passion for animal healthcare, and is an extreme-nerd.

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