Ginge O'Lolly

Ginge comes from a very enthusiastic background of the theater nature. After nurturing it in her early years, she embraced burlesque with a bang. From studying stories and dance moves of the ladies of legend to the extravagance and weird of the fashion of today's neo-burlesquers, she's here to show you her own side. Not having the background of a dancer, The Green Mountain Cabaret showed her the begining steps to become one. Young in her years in burlesque, yet fierce and flirty on stage, you wont want to miss this spicy lass! Oh my golly-It's Ginge O'Lolly!

Ginge has performed all over New England over the past 3 years, from The Great Burlesque Expo 2014-2016, Alterna-tease 2015 & 2016, The Vermont Burlesque Festival 2014-2017, The Philidelphia Burlesque Festival 2016, as well as a few showcases with Absinthe and Opium in New Hampshire! Ginge is looking forward to a busy 2017!

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