Leif Peepers

Dashing, handsome, rugged, raconteur.

These are words that Leif Peepers would use to describe himself (although no one else would). A sum cum loudly graduate of the school of "Anywhere But The Face," Leif found his calling at an early age by trying to talk his way out of every jam into which he found himself. With a background in improv from the famed Annoyance Theater in Chicago and theater experience from around the country, Leif will never leave you with a dull moment. Even if that means he will air hump your head in the front row. Leif truly lives up to his nickname: "The Verbose Voyeur," with his never-ending monologues, so beware and bring a poncho because you will be in the splash zone! Join the patriarch of the Peepers clan as he brings you the best of Burlesque in Vermont so you can "Enjoy the View!"

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